Manuals for Accessories

  • 2-Up Seat Installation Guide plus icon minus icon
  • This article will guide you through the process of installing the 2-Up Seat on your Super73 Bike.  Compatible with:• Super73-S1• Super73-S2• Super73-R• Super73-RX We will review the process on an R... See more
  • 10-Speed Kit plus icon minus icon
  • Disclaimer This product requires professional installation. Please do not attempt to install this 10-speed kit on your own to avoid the risk of injury and/or damage to your vehicle. We recommend se... See more
  • Decal Kit Application Instructions plus icon minus icon
  • Battery Decal     Peel off the current decal.  Remove all adhesive from the casing of the battery. We recommend using Goo Gone or some other adhesive removal solution. Wipe down casing once... See more
  • Air Suspension Fork Assembly and Support plus icon minus icon
  • Compatible with the Super73-S1, Super73-Z1, and OG 2018 models. Disclaimer: Please read the following information in full before beginning the installation. We recommend taking the fork to a pr... See more